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Steven D. Alphabet founded JUDO – The Ultimate Challenge, Inc. (JTUC) in 1993. The organization was certified as a 501(c) (3) in April 1994. During its 24 year history, JTUC has provided summer, after school and out-of school time programming for youth 6 to 18 years old. Programs have been offered independently and with a variety of community partners, including the Metro Atlanta Boys and Girls Club, the Atlanta Police Department, Carver School of Health Science and Research, the Centers for Disease Control and Emory University.


To provide children and young adults with quality programs and experiences that will positively impact their intellectual, social, ethical and physical development


All children have a clear and decisive path to becoming productive members of society.


Allow program participants to discover their true potential for success and provide the discipline and support for them to achieve it


We use the teaching and practice of the Olympic sport of judo to incentivize youth’s participation and achievement in customized and targeted initiatives that promote academics, self-esteem, wellness, discipline and empowerment while regularly exposing youth to critical thinking (chess, public speaking and debate) and enrichment (organic gardening, music, dance and photography) activities.

Judo is uniquely different from other physical activities in that its traditional focus is not on competition and winning, but on self-defense, self-knowledge, self-improvement and self-control. Judo’s high degree of ceremony and ritual, and emphasis on integrating mind and body, help practitioners apply its philosophical and ethical teachings to all aspects of life. Indeed a number of longitudinal studies have shown that the non-physical aspects of the martial arts have a unique and long term influence on participants, including being more easygoing and warmhearted, having decreased anger and mood disturbances, lower rates of violence, and higher overall life-satisfaction.[1]

[1] (Pyecha, 1970), (Paul, 1979), (Kutner et at., 1997), (Brown et at., 1995)


Marktorria Fletcher


Marktorria Fletcher, a product of Atlanta Public Schools often spent afterschool at a Metro Atlanta Boys and Girls club where he was introduced to Judo. Mark quickly showed natural talent. He began as a junior athlete and was given the opportunity to travel the world competing in Judo. Larger than most boys his age, he often competed with adults and established his number one ranking in the heavy weight division at the age of 13 and later became a 6-time Junior Olympic Champion. Mark hopes to be the first American man to achieve Olympic Gold medal status in Judo. Mark directly contributes his work ethic and success to his exposure to Judo. He spends most of his time helping students to build and maintain relationships with their teachers, each other, and their families and he also helps them to develop individualized plans for achieving success. In addition, Coach Markatorria Fletcher teaches and facilitates Personal Safety, Hand to Hand Combat, and Rape Prevention Seminars. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

JTUC Summer and Afterschool Programs

Ultimate Challenge Afterschool Judo Program

Character development through tutoring and assistance with homework and core curriculum learning paired with the teaching and practice of the Olympic sport of judo.

Youth Exploring Science (Y.E.S.)

Development of core competencies for medical and science vocational and research fields

Youth Career Initiative (YCI)

Job skills, interview/placement training, and vocational certification

Today not Tomorrow (TNT Fit™)

Fighting childhood obesity and promoting healthy lifestyles using Judocise® – a fun and exciting anaerobic regimen done to music

Cognitive Awareness Training (CAT)

Conflict resolution and empowerment training to enable the release of destructive feelings of guilt, fear and anger

Walk It Out / Talk It Out

Increasing physical activity and improving self-esteem, discipline and empowerment through 1 mile walks that include culturally and socially relevant group discussion facilitated by an adult mentor

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